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CNET says unplug these items to save on your energy bill

Did you know that some of your regular household items and appliances use energy even when you are not actively using them?

So what uses energy when not in use?

Unplugging appliances seems counterintuitive. They're off, so why would they waste energy According to, even when your appliances are turned off, they still use energy. When the device is switched off or in standby mode, some of the worst offenders are:

  • A device that may still use energy in the form of permanently on lights or other displays showing the device is off

  • Computers that were simply put into sleep mode

  • Chargers that still draw power even if the device is not connected

  • Media players that continually draw power, especially ones that still might scan for updates in the background

  • Phones with displays that show when not in active use, like cordless phones

  • New smart home appliances like refrigerators, washers and dryers that have always-on displays, internet connectivity and electronic controls

Why can't this be automated?

So glad you asked. Of course it can be automated and My Help Guy can do it. We can set your home up to be an energy savings machine. We can automate which devices come on at which times and what days they come on. We can even let you see how much water your devices are using and how much energy, not only your whole house is using but we can drill that down to each item in your house. Yes we can install devices that will track even the smallest wasters of energy so you can pinpoint them and eliminate them. Let My Help Guy help you become the master of your homes energy usage.

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