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Collier County Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane Preparedness for Collier County, FL

Collier County, Florida is located in the hurricane-prone area of the Atlantic coast. As such, it is important for residents to be prepared for the possibility of a hurricane. Here are some tips for hurricane preparedness in Collier County:

Know your risk. The first step is to learn about the risks in your area. This includes knowing the types of hurricanes that typically occur in your area, as well as the severity of the storms. You can find this information from your local emergency management office. Collier County Florida

Make a plan. Once you know your risk, it's time to make a plan for how you will respond to a hurricane. This plan should include:

Get the right supplies. There are a few essential supplies that you should have on hand in case of a hurricane. These include:

  • Food and water for at least three days

  • First-aid kit

  • Flashlights and batteries

  • Radio

  • Batteries

  • Generator

  • Cash

  • Important documents (such as insurance policies, passports, and birth certificates)

Secure your home. Take steps to secure your home before a hurricane hits. This includes:

  • Boarding up windows and doors

  • Moving furniture away from windows

  • Securing loose items in your yard

  • Turning off the water, gas, and electricity

Stay informed. It's important to stay informed about the latest hurricane forecast. You can do this by listening to the radio, watching TV, or checking online. If you are told to evacuate, do so immediately.

Here are some additional tips for hurricane preparedness in Collier County:

  • If you have pets, make sure you have a plan for them as well. This may include finding a pet-friendly shelter or boarding them with a friend or family member.

  • Make sure you have a way to communicate with your family and friends in case of an emergency. This may include having a cell phone with a charged battery, a battery-powered radio, or a satellite phone.

  • Have a plan for how you will get around after the storm. This may include having a car with a full tank of gas or knowing where the nearest shelters are located.

  • Be prepared to lose power and water for several days. This means having food and water that does not require refrigeration or cooking, as well as flashlights and batteries.

Hurricanes can be a dangerous and destructive force, but by being prepared, you can help to keep yourself and your family safe.

Here are some additional resources for hurricane preparedness in Collier County:

  • Collier County Emergency Management:

  • Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA):

  • Red Cross:

I hope this helps!

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